Seraiki Library

This online library consists wide range of books on history, literature, linguistics and general books etc. Suggestions by all the members will be highly appreciated, we will make all possible efforts to implement those suggestions.

Seraiki Articles

Good articles are not cheap. Here you can find huge collection of articles on Seraiki language, Seraiki culture, Seraiki history, Seraiki legends, general topics and much more.This section is divided in two main categories one is for Seraiki articles and second is for English articles.

Ajj Di Gaalh

In this section our members will be able to read some thing new every day in Seraiki. This section contain variety of topics, and every day members will get chance to read some thing new.

Seraiki Pictures

There is a wasaib gallery about Dera Ismail Khan, Bahawalpur, Multan, Thal, Cholistan, Bhong Mosque, Fort Munro, Derawar Fort, Patan Munara, Hindushahi Temples, Cholistan's Fading Heritage, and much more.

Seraiki Music

Famous Seraiki Singers like Faqira Bhaggat, Badro Multani, Attaullah Essakhelvi, Pathaney Khan, Suraya Multaniker, Ahmad Nawaz, Mansoor Malangi, Haseena Mumtaz, and many more others have been loaded here.

Seraiki Poetry

Poetry of Khawaja Ghulam Farid, Ashoo lal, Ashiq Buzdar, Rifat Abbas, Abdul Latif Bhattai, Tahir Shirazi, Iqbal Sokri, Shakir Shujabadi, Fayyaz Baqir and many others in seraiki wasaib font is loaded here.

Seraiki Stories

Welcome to Seraiki afsanas and short stories by renowned Seraiki story tellers and afsana writers spanning several centuries. Most of the stories uploaded so far have been taken from "Sunjan" magzine.