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Temples along the Indus

High above the mighty Indus, on hills streaked red with salt, forts with citadels, habitation sites, and temples were built from the sixth to the eleventh centuries A.D. Largely ignored by scholarship in this century, and orphaned since partition, these structures form an important missing link in the history of architecture in South Asia (Mumtaz… Read More Temples along the Indus

Seraiki Motherland

Seraiki wasaib (culture) is the proud inheritor of Indus Valley Civilization. Seraiki is an Indo-Arian language. Seraikis have their unique culture i.e. psyche, food habits, folk dances, music, poetry, idioms, dresses and way of living. In the span of long history many invaders from Central Asia and Iran conquered and settled here, but the rich… Read More Seraiki Motherland