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Online Seraiki Library

This is a temporary arrangement for the Online Seraiki Library . Shortly different categories will be created for different subjects like history, literature , linguistics , general books etc. etc. Suggestion by all the members will be highly appreciated , we will make all possible efforts to implement those suggestions. We also look forward towards… Read More Online Seraiki Library

Fort Munro (Anari Mool)

Fort Munro was originally known as Anari Mool, Balochi language words meaning hilltop with Pomegranate trees. In 1880, the British Commission of Layyah Division Mr. Munro developed this place and shifted here the summer headquarters of Layyah Division. The road from Dera Ghazi Khan to this place was constructed in 1880 and the name of… Read More Fort Munro (Anari Mool)

Quest for Seraiki Identity

Recent quest for Seraiki identity was triggered off with the separation of eastern wing of united Pakistan and dissolution of One Unit in West Pakistan. At this time a secular rationale for creation of "new" Pakistan as continuation of Indus Valley Civilization and wheeler's five thousand year's of Pakistan caught the attention of politicians, intellectuals… Read More Quest for Seraiki Identity